thetigerstrike asked:


Opening Credits: I Don’t Wanna Be In Love // Good Charlotte
Waking UpHey Now! // Oasis
First Day At SchoolIntermission // Panic! At The Disco
Falling In Love: Misery Business // Paramore (oh god)
Fight Song: I’ve Got All This Ringing in my Ears and None on my Fingers // Fall Out Boy
Breaking Up: Demigods // Fall Out Boy
Life’s OK: Brat // Green Day
Getting Back TogetherThe Worst Hangover Ever // The Offspring
WeddingIt’ll Be A Long Time // The Offspring
Birth of ChildWhoa // Paramore

Final Battle: In The End // Green Day
Death Scene: Millions // Gerard Way
Funeral SongIt’s Hard to Say “I Do”, When I Don’t // Fall Out Boy
End Credits: East Jesus Nowhere // Green Day

vipersnake96 asked:


Opening Credits: Helena // My Chemical Romance 
Waking UpOne of My Lies // Green Day
First Day At SchoolSpecial Delivery // The Offspring
Falling In Love: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs // Fall Out Boy (hahahahaHAHA)
Fight Song: Session // The Offspring
Breaking Up: OC Guns // The Offspring
Life’s OK: Brutal Love // Green Day
Getting Back TogetherThat’s What You Get // Paramore
Wedding:  I Choose // The Offspring (holy shit that’s unfortunate)
Birth of ChildLightning Rod // The Offspring

Final Battle: Tie You Down // Shaimus
Death Scene: Shut Up // Blink-182 (well yea)
Funeral SongI Never Told You What I Did For a Living // My Chemical Romance
End Credits: She’s My Winona // Fall Out Boy

punkphantom asked:

Opening Credits: Best Thing in Town // Green Day
Waking Up: Hitchin’ a Ride // Green Day
First Day At SchoolChristian’s Inferno // Green Day (three in a row, christ)
Falling In Love: Skylines and Turnstiles // My Chemical Romance (I’m so sorry)
Fight Song: Anthem, Pt. 2 // Blink-182
Breaking Up: Roller Coaster // Blink-182
Life’s OK: Teenagers // My Chemical Romance (lmao)
Getting Back TogetherGrand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy [Remix] // Fall Out Boy (but…no)
Wedding:  Lazy Bones // Green Day (oh no)
Birth of ChildHot to the Touch, Cold on the Inside // Fall Out Boy (that seems unhealthy for child)

Final Battle: Longview // Green Day (LMAO)
Death Scene: Staring at the Sun // The Offspring 
Funeral SongFix You // The Offspring
End Credits: This is How I Disappear // My Chemical Romance (that works?)

tl;dr green day ft. some other artists